Our primary goal has always been to assist in the youth’s progress. We do this by giving back to the United Nations and its subsidiary bodies.
At Pune Model United Nations, we are genuinely passionate about the United Nations’ work and have always striven to go the extra mile. We hope to continue doing so with your love and support.
In March 2014, we donated 500 USD (31,904.97 INR) to the World Food Programme. The benefaction was used to give children nutritious school meals. On 28th April 2015 during the trying times of the Nepal Earthquake tragedy, we donated 400 USD (25,522.18 INR) to UNICEF.
We are humbled to acknowledge that we are making a difference by leaving a social footprint.
If you believe in what we’re doing, sign up for the conference, because that your monetary contribution will be used selflessly for someone’s well being.