Frequently Asked Questions

Q1)      What are the benefits I will get after registering for Pune MUN? Why is it important?
A) Attending a conference like Pune MUN will increase your knowledge about existing social, economic and political issues. Taking part as a delegate will also help in building one’s confidence and increase their social skills. Since it is a public speaking platform, one can also develop oratory skills. One can also develop diplomatic skills. Such a conference enables a participant to learn drafting and negotiation skills through first-hand experience.
Pune Model United Nations is the largest youth conference in Pune which is affiliated with the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan.


Q2)      What if I register now and I am not able to attend the conference?
A) The registration fee is a one-time non-refundable amount. If you are facing a problem we can help you with, please contact the Helpline number.


Q3)      How is Pune MUN different from other MUN conferences?
A) Pune MUN follows the UN4MUN procedure which is followed by only a few other MUNs. UN4MUN is a procedure devised by the United Nations for Model UN conferences all over the world. The procedure has been designed to bring the realism of everyday diplomacy to the conference by combining real world principles and practices of the UN. UN4MUN is the official procedure endorsed and approved by the United Nations and the World Federation of the United Nations Associations (WFUNA).
Secondly, Pune MUN is affiliated to the United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan.
Last but not the least, Pune MUN is a youth run non-profit organization and all the proceeds generated and from the Conference are donated as part of our social footprint endeavours, Youth for Youth and donations in WFP and UNICEF. Pune MUN is also the largest youth conference organized in Pune.


Q4)      What is an agenda? Where can I find my agenda?
A) An agenda is the topic of discussion of your allotted committee. The agenda is set considering the contemporary issues that have relevance to the said committees. The entire discussion revolves around your ‘committee agenda’ and broadens subsequently.
You can find your agenda here or on the Pune MUN Android App.


Q5)      Can I change my committee/country preference after I have registered?
A) No, a participant cannot change his/her committee or country after having registered, as mentioned under the Terms and Conditions mentioned on the registration form.


Q6)      Who do I approach if I do not understand the agenda of my committee?
A) To facilitate a healthy discussion in the committee, it is very important that you have a deep understanding of your agenda. Study guides and explanatory memorandums will be provided to help you understand your committee’s agenda better. You are suggested to attend the training sessions wherein the sources for your research material as well as the procedural rules are discussed at length.
We also recommend you go through the blog put up by the Pune MUN Research Service:
If you still have any queries, please contact the Secretary General, Ashwath Komath at


Q7)       My friend and I registered as double delegation but he is unable to come. What do I do?
A) In cases where one team member from a double delegation is unable to come, you will have to replace that person with somebody else.
To do that, the new delegate will have to register afresh and choose the pay later option and follow the instructions accordingly.
He/she needs to send an e-mail to us informing us about the same.


Q8)     Will Pune MUN make accommodation facilities?
A)  Yes, Pune MUN will provide accommodation for all the out-station participants. Click here for accommodation details


Q9)      What should I wear?
A) The dress code for all days of the conference will strictly be Western Formals. Kindly refer to the code of conduct for more details regarding the dress code.


Q10)    I am not getting your emails.
A) Kindly check your promotion folder for our emails. If the emails are not found in the promotion folder, kindly send us an email with your complaint on